Friday, 5 October 2012

Ice Pilots NWT - Recommended

I do enjoy flying the old WW2 vintage piston pounders, and on Monday my trawling of the web turned up a TV programme which had previously passed me by.

Ice Pilots NWT is a Canadian show about Buffalo Airways, which flies old DC-3s, DC-4s and C-46s (to name a few) to remote locations in the Northwest Territories.

It's real Tales of the Gold Monkey stuff, and well worth a watch.

I found the narration a little grating at first. It's one of those annoying shows where the narrator constantly repeats what you've just watched two minutes ago, I can only assume for acute amnesiacs or the hard of understanding. Despite this it's great fun to watch, and a vintage plane buff's dream.

Ice Pilots is now into its third season, and I believe the show airs on Quest in the UK. I'm currently working my way through season one, which certainly removes the rose-tinted spectacles and exposes the harsh reality of being a freight dog in such a remote area.

There's even a Buffalo Airways virtual airline which I've registered with. I've never joined a VA before so I'll post how it's going.

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